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Monday, 27/11/2023, to Sunday, 03/12/2023

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The Calendar Week (CW)

In offices all around the world, everybody's talking about a mysterious calendar week, a.k.a. CW. However, ordinary human beings have a slight bit of a problem with that: How the hell should we know the current calendar week? wants to help this marginalised species in British offices: Here you can find the current calendar week (CW) for free and fresh every week.

Which Calendar Week is Today?

The calendar week for today, 30/11/2023, is calendar week 48 / 2023 and starts on Monday, 27/11/2023, until Sunday, 03/12/2023. Find all calendar weeks in 2023 here.

What's the story behind calendar weeks?

One year has 52 weeks and therefore 52 calendar weeks (sometimes called week number), right? Unfortunately it's not that simple. Like everything in life, there's more behind it. Why should it be easy if it can be complicated? But, first things first!

The first calendar week of the year

It doesn't matter whether a year has 52 weeks or 53 weeks: The first calendar week of the year is always the week of the 4th of January, or the week of the first Thursday of the year. A calendar week always begins on Monday and ends on Sunday, according to ISO 8601 (believe it or not, that really exists!)

52 or 53 weeks in a year?

Usually there are 52 calendar weeks per calendar year. However, under certain circumstances there can be 53 calendar weeks. Namely, when the year starts on a Thursday, or when the year is a leap year and New Year's Day is a Wednesday.

The first calendar week of the year

Where can I find calendar with calendar weeks?

Most printed calendars show the calendar week in the small print. One of the best calendars is probably Moleskine Large Weekly Notebook, which - of course - shows you the number of each week.

Calendar weeks in digital calendars?

It's also very simple to display week numbers in digital calendars:

Calendar weeks in Outlook

In Outlook 2010, the option to show week numbers can be found under "File" » "Options" » "Calendar" » "Show week numbers in the month view and in the Date Navigator".

Calendar weeks in iCal / Calender (Mac OS X)

To display calendar weeks in the Mac OS X calendar, go to "Calender" » "Preferences" » "Advanced" » "Show week numbers" ( Video tutorial).

Calendar weeks in Mozilla Thunderbird

Thunderbird is so smart that it automatically shows the current calender week. If that's not the case, you can download a week numbers as an add-on for Thunderbird from here.

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